The Good River is a manufacturer’ s brand in Japn.
We provide high quality products made with original and inventive technology.
Its brand logo shows our unlimited possibilities (with the infinity sign).

The Good River company team

Production thoughtOur factory “KISO MICRO” is located in Kiso-Fukushima where is center of the Nakasendo.
(Nakasendo is one of the main five roads of the Edo period of Japan.)
We work with company’s motto “Creativity will naturally open the road to success.”.
We lay out the following framework to provide our products to customer.

・Renovated factory ourselves
・Visualization integrated production
・Maintain and customize equipment ourselves

A select few staff (Linkage between professional engineer and multi skilled worker)


High quality design and control grown by FPD electric components manufacturing

Besides, we keep a challenging to develop new products and service offering. We build up trustful relations with customer and partner. We provide products that everyone be impressed by providing courtesy with products that are pleasure to customer.

We give impression to customers with each one of us’s “Manufacturing Spirit” by visualization integrated production (Glass Cutting, CNC Glass Processing, Chemical Strengthening Process) and service.

This is our “Made in Japan, Made in Kiso” brand. Introduction of management company

The Good River product process

  • CNC Glass Processing

  • Chemical Strengthening

  • Laminated Process

The Good River product process video

Product Introduction

How to apply the glass (screen) film

How to apply the glass (film) rear

  • Product Introduction
  • How to apply the glass (screen) film
  • How to apply the glass (rear) film